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"A roller-coaster of wit, satire, wisdom, and belly laughs. a rip-roaring success!" - Dan Glass Author of 'United Queerdom'


Theo, an anxiety ridden Londoner, wakes up to find his drunken one-night stand has bought them both flights to Japan.

Max won the lottery and is spending his winnings on classic cocktails and increasingly self-destructive behaviour. 

Theo makes it his mission to save Max from himself as they set off on a bender across East Asia.

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"I didn't want it to end ... Quirky, fun, and powerful!" -

"Quick, chaotic, queer, and really well written." - @anowlandaneagle



When the cocktails arrive, he sprays absinthe into

them and says,

    “We need to make a pact.”

    “A pact?” I sip my drink.

    “That you can’t leave me however annoying I get.”

    My mind goes straight to worst case scenario. An

Asian court room, like I’ve seen on the news, where a judge decides whether two drug smuggling Westerners get the death penalty. 

    “What if you get arrested?” I ask.

    “Obviously – don’t leave me.”

    I look at him, drunk and dubious, the black of the night sky visible through the airplane window behind him.

“You can make your own stipulations too.” He swills his drink.

“I want to go to Japan … and I want you to get me back home.”

“It’s a deal.” He gets a safety pin out of his pocket and stabs it into his thumb. He passes it to me, a little blob of blood beading up.

“I’m not sticking that in my finger,” I say, my heart beating faster at the thought.

“Not your finger, your thumb.”



Excerpt from Chapter 2

Two Million by Alex Fear

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